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  2. πŸ™Œ


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  3. brandyusa:

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    #brandyusa #brandycandy

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  4. People can just be sooo stupid…

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  5. Love her😘

    Love her😘

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  6. Fakes

    My number 1 pet peeve is fake people(friends) like the worst year of my life concerning friends was my 7th grade year. I was probaby Chang cliques twice a month. Yet when I thought I finally had a core group of friends, at our Christmas pep rally, we have this “wish list” and they put that I wanted my crush under the mistletoe toe! I cried for 3days straight and stayed in my bed for 5. Now I was really hurt and I will never forgive them. Even now they bully me. In P.E. They purposely threw a ball at my head,(they had been doing that for a while and I let it go) and I said,”Really Bitches?” I just am in a point in my life where I just hate every one right now

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  7. BFF Break-ups

    I hate when the person that you thought was your best friend just uses you to be more popular and when she reaches her point she just throws you away. Like did your parents teach you any better? Why are they so mean?

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  8. The Difficulties of Farting

    Me: Psst hey I’m about to fart. MOVE!
    Best friend: Kk thanks for warning meπŸ‘Œ
    Me:*moves right by the person they despise and lay a SHART BOMB and walk away*

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  9. Madness

    Do parents ever make you mad? Because mine do!!!!😀😀😀😀

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  10. To Want

    Have you ever wanted a person so badly? And every night you just cry over that one person? I do all the time…

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